I had been scouted by the Campaign Manager of Marlon Verasamy for School Board in Essex Junction, Vermont in February 2022. I was offered the opportunity to plot the direction of the campaign’s branding, and after meeting with Marlon and getting a sense of who he was and what his goals were, I set out to deliver them a visual identity that would inspire a feeling of trust, intelligence, and calm confidence in equal measure.

So, I fired up Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and got right to work. I went about finding the right font for the job, delved into what colors inspired and popped against both snow and grass without being ostentatious, and tried multiple geometry variants, all seeking the perfect encapsulation of what he stood for.

After no less than seventeen iterations in the prototype phase, we settled on a final design that looked great on lawns, buttons, shirts, social media, and print mailers alike. From there, I took that design and crafted multiple social media images that summed up the posts that accompanied them, and I also designed two slightly altered variants for use as a social media profile picture during the final weeks of the election.

Next, I designed a two-sided mailer that was sent to over 2,000 Essex area residents. This was accomplished through a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, and was some of the most meticulous work I’ve ever done. I am very proud of how it turned out, and it helped that the mailers were absolutely, show-stoppingly gorgeous when they came back from the printers on proper stock. I love the idea that my work has graced thousands of mailboxes, not to mention many neighborhood lawns!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Verasamy for School Board campaign, and I would love for them to consider me again come reelection time.