First and foremost, I’m a creator. I create, therefore, I am.

I like to build things, specifically things that solve problems or communicate ideas. I’m an avid seeker of weird problems, and if I can’t seem to find preexisting solutions to those problems, my first instinct is to begin crafting those solutions.

My career has spanned over fifteen years in global-scale IT, alongside an alternate professional focus in content production, talent development, social media management, video editing, web development, and so much more.

Nothing gets me up in the morning quite like the opportunity to shape ideas. I enjoy designing mechanisms that make ideas stick in the mind, especially when that information leads to someone becoming stronger, smarter, and more confident in their own ability. To me, there’s no higher calling than taking a concept that’s difficult to understand and making it easy for anyone to grasp.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology. I’ve spent my entire career getting intimately comfortable with an arsenal of tools designed to forge unforgettable ideas and concepts. Beyond all else, I believe in the liberating power of education, and I have spent a great deal of time researching the mechanics behind how human beings best commit knowledge to memory.

I’ve created brands, managed communities, built things that have helped people as well as entertain them, and I’m proud to have helped refine the skills of some extremely talented people that have worked underneath me. 

The only question is: What can we do together?

Career Overview

◉ Managed a rotating team of twelve in overseeing 6,000+ devices spread across 120+ locations worldwide.

◉ Former Assistant Managing Editor for a website owned and operated by NBCUniversal, helped to develop the talents of over twenty contributors and staff writers.

◉ Helped craft digital strategy for an in-development children’s multimedia series, spanning animated works, smartphone apps, and activity books.

Project lead for a 94-page guide.

◉ Half of the engineering team that turned said guide into a web app.

◉ Created logos and branding for multiple businesses and organizations.

◉ Managed multiple communities and their social media presence.


AS, Computer Programming & Analysis
BAS, Business Administration & Management

LinkedIn Skill Assessment Badges:

HTML – Top 5% of 1.5M
CSS – Top 5% of 911K
Adobe Photoshop – Top 5% of 1.4M
Adobe After Effects – Top 30% of 145K
Adobe Premiere Pro – Top 30% of 345K
Microsoft Word – Top 5% of 3.8M
Microsoft Excel – Top 30% of 12M
Microsoft PowerPoint – Top 5% of 4.3M
Agile Methodologies – Top 30% of 1.1M