After spending a few years toying around with Adobe After Effects, I decided to take a few of these elements I had created or modified, and slap them together in Premiere for the purposes of creating a stream intro. Once I decided on a song to use, I timed the rest, and then ended the video on a transition to an alpha channel while the music remained playing, ensuring that the video could be used to open my stream sessions and lead the viewer directly into the action.

This version is hosted on YouTube, and it’s encoded with H.265, at 1440p resolution, at 60 frames per second, and at 90Mbps. This can seem a bit overkill, but it ensures that the YouTube compression algorithm gods smile favorably upon it, as 1080p60 uploads tend to get run through a meat grinder of sorts, as evidenced by all the artifacting that can show up on uploaded material. As such, be sure that you select 1440p60 when viewing this video, it will ensure you get the best visual performance from it.