I spearheaded a project with the aim of consolidating information on this specific game, taken from multiple sources in multiple languages, into a single document that would become the definitive English-language guide on how to play the game that has dominated Japanese arcades for over fifteen years. Taken from the foreword:

I’ve come to understand four things about Gundam EXVS over the six years in which I’ve played it:

  1. The game is incredibly easy to play, at least on a basic mechanical level.
  2. The game itself teaches you very little about how to play it, other than basic buttons.
  3. In most fighting games, the input complexity wall and the tactical application wall is practically interlinked. In order to do well in something like Marvel, you have to physically learn all kinds of combo execution techniques and timings, and usually, the more complex those strings are, the more agency you can exert, and thus the more you can control the flow of the match.

    Gundam EXVS is not like that. The input complexity wall is very low, high-level input complexity isn’t much tougher. However, the application ceiling is functionally infinite.
  4. The reason people can play this game for years and still get washed by series veterans is pretty simple: there’s so much going on under the hood that you probably don’t know what you don’t know, meaning that if you’re unaware that these micro-mechanics exist, it’s very difficult – if not near-impossible – to figure out how they’re supposed to be used, especially on your own.

    I saw the upcoming release of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost ON (MBON from here on out), and thought to myself, “this game deserves to succeed and become a staple of the Western FGC.”  I knew there would be a lot of new and returning players that would push through the frustration like I did, but there’s also players that will give up out of frustration because the game doesn’t explain how to bend its rules very well.

    What could be done to stop this from happening? 

    The answer to that question is the guide you’re reading right now: built by multiple members of the Gundam EXVS community, with some extremely experienced hands contributing the equivalent of literal decades worth of knowledge. Our goal is to teach you the game’s core concepts in successive stages. Each new section acts as a logical extension of the prior section, with the aim of helping players of any skill level grow, and, to eventually strengthen their ability to solve any situational problem a match can and will present to a player. 

Combine this with the right mindset – one in which losses are not a reflection of your potential as a player but are merely lessons to be learned from, where winning only validates the work you already put into your own self-improvement as a player – and it can take you much further and much faster than it would trying to figure it all out on your own.

    You will still need to actively practice these concepts and implement them into your playstyle. As you do that, you’ll notice a distinct improvement in your play and a greater sense of understanding as you continue through this guide. It will grant you the freedom to express yourself in-game to a degree that no other fighting game I’ve played has really ever managed to achieve.

Welcome to the most fun game on Planet Earth. I hope you fall in love just as hard as I have.

                                – Everyday Legend