I toiled in the pits of DIY-learning hell in Adobe After Effects for weeks trying to put this together, and I came out of that experience a stronger, happier and more creative human being. I had a lot of fun remaking projects from other tutorials, creating piecemeal elements, then putting them all together in Premiere to create a kickoff video for my stream. I am very proud of this video, and it currently opens every Gundam stream I play.

I also took the liberty of creating a H.265 version in 1440p60 encoded at 90Mbps, just so I could upload it to YouTube and have it be subject to much kinder compression algorithms than the visual artifacting meat grinder they tend to run 1080p60 videos through. I hope you enjoy it. I sure do.

Watch in 1440p60 for maximum effect, it’s v e r y crispy.