“Grant Patterson is to videogame controllers what Mozart was to pianos.”
– unknown partygoer, likely inebriated

“When I think of unbeatable, never-say-die work ethic, two things come to mind: Grant Patterson, and the Honda Accord.” – local Honda salesman

“Grant? He aight, I guess.” – Adam “Wingless Fly” Gooding

Grant Patterson has spent the last thirty years attached to a videogame console. When he’s not controller-bound, he’s thinking about games; his mind is usually bent on what makes them fun, what makes them relevant, where the industry has been and where it’s headed next. Or, his mind has simply bent from all the stuff he’s played. Take your pick.

After a decade and a half of amateur writing and blogging efforts, he finally got the break he’d been working toward in March of 2015, when he was approached to be a staff writer at G4@Syfygames. Since then, he’s voraciously consumed any game that’s been placed in front of him, and spit back an honest, uncompromising opinion in return. His sense of taste and nuance may have expanded with time and experience, but his childlike sense of finding the fun in anything and everything has grown right alongside of them.

He was promoted to Copy Editor with G4@Syfygames in June of 2015, which allowed him to use his incredible technical ability in finding mistakes and weaknesses, a skill honed and forged in the brutal dog-eat-dog world of early-90s skating rink arcades. He has since applied it to editing other writers’ news posts, reviews and assorted feature-length content, which led to him being promoted to Assistant Managing Editor. He served in that position until the site’s closure in August of 2016.

He is available for freelance work such as reviews, previews, features and other long-form content, as well as staff editorial positions.